Stellantis’ Acquisition of Share Now from BMW and Mercedes-Benz

Hogan Lovells advised BMW and Mercedes-Benz on the deal. Bird & Bird and Racine advised Stellantis.

BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Mobility sold its car sharing subsidiary “Share Now” to French-Italian car group Stellantis. The transaction is subject to approval by relevant antitrust authorities.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz had merged their two car-sharing services “Car2Go” and “DriveNow” in 2019 to form “Share Now” and expanded it to become the market leader in Europe.

SHARE NOW GmbH is a German carsharing company, formed from the merger of car2go and DriveNow. It is a joint venture of the Mercedes-Benz Group and BMW providing carsharing services in urban areas in Europe, and formerly in North America.

Stellantis N.V. is a multinational automotive manufacturing corporation formed in 2021 on the basis of a 50-50 cross-border merger between the Italian-American conglomerate Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the French PSA Group.

Hogan Lovells Team for BMW and Mercedes-Benz included Dr. Nikolas Zirngibl (Picture – Partner), Andreas Thun (Counsel), Thiemo Woertge (Senior Associate), Dominik Lang, Kilian Pfahl (Associates) (all Corporate); Dr. Falk Loose (Counsel, Tax); Dr. Stefan Schuppert (Partner, Intellectual Property); Dr. Falk Schöning (Partner), Stefan Kirwitzke (Associate) (both Regulatory); Dr. Susann Brackmann  (Counsel, Restructuring and Insolvency).

BMW Group Inhouse Team: Dr. Gregor Janisch (Legal Counsel), Dr. Alexander Holl (Senior Corporate Legal Counsel), Dr. Torsten Dilly (Senior Legal Counsel IP), Silvia Meier (Legal Counsel IP) 

Mercedes-Benz Inhouse Team: Florian Stübel (Head of Legal M&A Technology and Venture), Teresa Bauer (Legal Counsel, M&A Technology and Venture)

The Bird & Bird team included Dr Kai Kerger (lead; Frankfurt), Carole Bodin (international lead; both Corporate/M&A), Dr. Alexander Duisberg (Munich), Dr. Miriam Ballhausen (both IT law; Hamburg), Dr. Markus Körner (IP; Munich), Dr. Matthias Lang (Regulation; Düsseldorf), Dr. Barbara Geck (labour law; Frankfurt), Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan (IP), Ariane Mole (data protection), Boris Martor (regulation), Alexandre Vuchot, Stéphane Leriche (both IT law; all Paris), Lourdes Ayala (Madrid), Alberto Salvadé (Milan), Pauline Vos (The Hague, all Corporate/M&A); Associates: Johanna Schindler, Tamara Böhmert (both corporate/M&A; both Frankfurt), Sofia El Biyed, Céline Sol (both corporate/M&A), Claire Bratel (IP), Oriane Zubcevic, Marine Besson (both data protection), Raphael Weiss (regulation ), Sacha Bettach (IT law; all Paris).

The Racine team included Bastien Thomas; Associates: François Aubin, Cécilia Pataut (all antitrust).

Involved fees earner: Lourdes Ayala – Bird & Bird; Miriam Ballhausen – Bird & Bird; Marine Besson – Bird & Bird; Sacha Bettach – Bird & Bird; Carole Bodin – Bird & Bird; Tamara Böhmert – Bird & Bird; Claire Bratel – Bird & Bird; Alexander Duisberg – Bird & Bird; Sofia El Biyed – Bird & Bird; Barbara Geck – Bird & Bird; Kai Kerger – Bird & Bird; Markus Körner – Bird & Bird; Matthias Lang – Bird & Bird; Anne-Charlotte le Bihan – Bird & Bird; Stéphane Leriche – Bird & Bird; Boris Martor – Bird & Bird; Ariane Mole – Bird & Bird; Alberto Salvadé – Bird & Bird; Johanna Schindler – Bird & Bird; Céline Sol – Bird & Bird; Pauline Vos – Bird & Bird; Alexandre Vuchot – Bird & Bird; Raphaël Weiss – Bird & Bird; Oriane Zubcevic – Bird & Bird; Susann Brackmann – Hogan Lovells; Stefan Kirwitzke – Hogan Lovells; Dominik Lang – Hogan Lovells; Falk Loose – Hogan Lovells; Kilian Pfahl – Hogan Lovells; Falk Schöning – Hogan Lovells; Stefan Schuppert – Hogan Lovells; Andreas Thun – Hogan Lovells; Thiemo Woertge – Hogan Lovells; Nikolas Zirngibl – Hogan Lovells; François Aubin – Racine Cabinet; Cécilia Pataut – Racine Cabinet; Bastien Thomas – Racine Cabinet;

Law Firms: Bird & Bird; Hogan Lovells; Racine Cabinet;

Clients: BMW A.G.; Mercedes-Benz; Stellantis;

Giulia Di Palma

Author: Giulia Di Palma