Eni S.p.A’s Acquisition of Dhamma Energy Group

The Allen & Overy studio assisted Eni in the acquisition, through Eni gas and electricity, from its founding partners of the European group Dhamma Energy Group, owner of a platform for the development of photovoltaic plants in France and Spain. Fieldfisher and Gómez-Acebo y Pombo Abogado advised Dhamma Energy.

Eni, through Eni gas and electricity, acquired from its founding partners the company Dhamma Energy Group, owner of a platform for the development of photovoltaic plants in France and Spain.

The Dhamma plant portfolio includes a pipeline of projects in various stages of maturity of almost 3 GW, distributed in the two countries, and also plants already in operation or in an advanced stage of construction in France for about 120 MW.

The operation includes the transfer to Eni gas and light of the team of professionals who have contributed to the success of Dhamma in recent years and which will form the basis for the further development of Eni’s portfolio of renewable gas and electricity projects.

The operation is part of the plan for the growth of electricity generation capacity from renewable sources and its integration with the retail sales activities in the French and Spanish markets.

The completion of the transaction is subject to obtaining the necessary authorizations.

Eni’s in-house team made up of Federica Andreoni, Michele Ausiello and Shirin Niazi on the legal side of M&A acted in the transaction.

Allen & Overy’s multi-jurisdictional and cross-department team is led and coordinated by Corporate partner Paolo Ghiglione, assisted by trainee Matteo Bortolamai, and involved the offices in Luxembourg, France and Spain with partners Fabian Beullekens, Alexandre Ancel and Ignacio Hornedo.

The Fieldfisher team included Philippe Netto, Jean-Baptiste Van de Voorde, Marion Cressely-Deneuville, Liora Jakubowicz, Emmanuel Paillar, Paul Peyret, Stéphanie Legrand, Hélène Lefebvre, Adrien Dubois, Marie-Léonie Vergnerie, Camille Fromentin, Laurence Dumure-Lambert, Ingrid Dubourdieu, Richard Ledain Santiago, Gina Gnazalé, Mai Truong.

The GA_P team has been led by Fernando Igartua and Verónica Romaní, partners of the Banking area, Saray López Lindo, associate of the Corporate area, and our Public team led by Ignacio Soria and Mª Antonia de Prada, and our Real Estate team led by Natalia Callejo.

Involved fees earner: Alexandre Ancel – Allen & Overy; Fabian Beullekens – Allen & Overy; Matteo Bortolamai – Allen & Overy; Paolo Ghiglione – Allen & Overy; Ignacio Hornedo – Allen & Overy; Marion Cressely-Deneuville – Fieldfisher; Adrien Dubois – Fieldfisher; Camille Fromentin – Fieldfisher; Liora Jakubowicz – Fieldfisher; Hélène Lefebvre – Fieldfisher; Stéphanie Legrand – Fieldfisher; Philippe Netto – Fieldfisher; Emmanuel Paillard – Fieldfisher; Paul Peyret – Fieldfisher; Jean-Baptiste Van de Voorde – Fieldfisher; Marie-Léonie Vergnerie – Fieldfisher; Natalia Callejo Pla – Gomez-Acebo & Pombo; Fernando Igartua Arregui – Gomez-Acebo & Pombo; Saray López Lindo – Gomez-Acebo & Pombo; Verónica Romaní Sancho – Gomez-Acebo & Pombo;

Law Firms: Allen & Overy; Fieldfisher; Gomez-Acebo & Pombo;

Clients: Dhamma Energy; Eni Gas e Luce S.p.A.; Eni S.p.A.;


Author: Michael Patrini