Banca Transilvania’s Acquisition of Tiriac Leasing

Filip & Company assisted Tiriac Group on the deal.

Tiriac Group executed the sale of Tiriac Leasing to Banca Transilvania. 

Banca Transilvania S.A. is a banking institution with headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The Filip & Company team was led by Cristina Filip (Picture) included Andrei Konya, Georgeta Gavriloiu, George Trantea, Andreea Calin, Lavinia Cazacu, Larisa Jurca, Bianca Chera, Andreea Dinu and Rare? Crî?maru.

BT Group was assisted on this project by PwC and D&B David si Baias.

Involved fees earner: Andreea Calin – Filip & Company; Lavinia Cazacu – Filip & Company; Bianca Chera – Filip & Company; Rares Crismaru – Filip & Company; Andreea Dinu – Filip & Company; Cristina Filip – Filip & Company; Georgeta Gavriloiu – Filip & Company; Larisa Jurca – Filip & Company; Andrei Konya – Filip & Company; George Trantea – Filip & Company;

Law Firms: Filip & Company;

Clients: Tiriac Group ;