Atlas Antibodies’ Acquisition of Evitria Group

VISCHER advised the sellers on this transaction. Wenger Vieli advised Atlas Antibodies.

The shareholders of the evitria Group have sold the evitria Group to Atlas Antibodies, Sweden. Sellers include investment companies Afinum and co-investor SHS.

The evitria Group is a global leader in the field of transient CHO cell antibody expression with an international customer portfolio of leading biopharma companies in therapeutic and diagnostic antibody research.

Atlas Antibodies is a leading, global developer of advanced reagents for biomedical research. The company originates from the Human Protein Atlas project and was founded in 2006 by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. Atlas Antibodies is based in Stockholm, and is majority owned by Patricia Industries, a part of Investor AB.

The Vischer team was team led by Dr. Jürg Luginbühl (Picture – Corporate/M&A) with Marc Ph. Prinz (Partner, Employment), Dr. Adrian Dörig (Partner, Banking/Finance), Dr. Stefan Kohler (Partner, IP/Regulatory), Christian Schneiter (Banking/Finance), Sebastian Weber (Corporate/M&A), Flavio Langenegger (Corporate/M&A) and Gordana Nisevic (Corporate/M&A).

The Wenger Vieli team was co-led by Pascal Honold and Marc Walter with Michael Tschudin, Barbara Brauchli Rohrer, Marc Gerber, Alessa Waibel, Kevin Wilhelm Vangehr, Sabine Taxer, Jonas Bühlmann as well as Una Paunovic, Karim Steiner and Kianoush Sadeghi. 

Involved fees earner: Adrian Dörig – VISCHER AG; Stefan Kohler – VISCHER AG; Flavio Langenegger – VISCHER AG; Jürg Luginbühl – VISCHER AG; Marc Prinz – VISCHER AG; Christian Schneiter – VISCHER AG; Sebastian Weber – VISCHER AG; Barbara Brauchli Rohrer – Wenger Vieli; Jonas Bühlmann – Wenger Vieli; Marc Gerber – Wenger Vieli; Pascal Honold – Wenger Vieli; Sabine Taxer – Wenger Vieli; Michael Tschudin – Wenger Vieli; Kevin Vangehr – Wenger Vieli; Alessa Waibel – Wenger Vieli; Marc Walter – Wenger Vieli;

Law Firms: VISCHER AG; Wenger Vieli;

Clients: Afinum Achte Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG; Atlas Antibodies AB; SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement;

Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler