ZBV announces the incorporation of a new partner, changes in management, and the completion of its digital transformation process

ZBV announces the incorporation of a new partner, changes in management, and the completion of its digital transformation process

In the first place, Zang, Bergel & Viñes is glad to announce the incorporation of María Angélica Grisolia as partner, within the Capital Markets, Banking & Finance Department. María Angélica is joining the team headed by Carolina Zang, demonstrating, once again, the area’s continued growth. María Angélica has a vast experience and professional recognition in the market. In addition to being Legal Director at Editorial Atlántida (Grupo Televisa) and Legal Counsel at Banco Macro, she was partner at Beretta Godoy and previously formed part of the Capital Markets team at Bruchou. Her extensive curriculum is complemented by her work as Appointed Councilor and Deputy Vice-Treasurer of the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange) and Alternate Director of BYMA (Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos).

In second place, ZBV has designated Francisco J. Roggero as the new managing partner, while Carolina Zang and Juan Manuel Quintana will continue to be involved in the Executive Committee as senior partners, together with partners Laura Barbosa (Corporate Affairs) and Rodrigo Bustingorry (Dispute Resolution).

Just as happened ten years ago, when ZBV completed its generational succession and launched a new type of management, today the firm once again proves its maturity and harmonious continuity by incorporating new partners in the Executive Committee and appointing Francisco J. Roggero managing partner. Thus, new leaders are incorporated into the management of ZBV in relevant roles, just as our dear founding partners planned many years ago. ZBV has always sought to ensure successions in continuity, accompanying and supporting members who show a genuine and generous interest in management affairs.
To conclude, ZBV announces the completion of its digital transformation process. A short time before the start of the pandemic, ZBV began to work on the implementation of new technologies, to ensure that our management was ready to face the future with the most modern and secure digital tools. After a great deal of work, and making use of the difficult times of isolation, ZBV now boasts state-of-the-art technological tools, with which it will be able to offer more agile and efficient services.
About these developments, Carolina Zang commented, “The arrival of María Angélica to the banking department is a pleasure; a professional with her background and market experience adds a great deal to the team. We have great plans to continue expanding our services, attending the innumerable challenges which face the financial industry.

When Francisco joined ZBV a few years ago, it was a great question mark for all. For him and for ZBV. It is a great success for both parties that he is now our new managing partner. From the moment he joined, he has done nothing but identify with ZBV and continuously and constantly add value. Francisco, in addition to being an excellent person with whom it is very easy to relate, has an enormous ability for management and implementation, essential for legal business. I am sure of the success of his administration, which has all our support to always go beyond, as we have learned from our founders”.

For his part, Juan Manuel Quintana declared that “We have always thought ZBV as an institution which transcends us and achieves its identity beyond the individuals which form part of it, respecting the values of ethical and efficient professional work, for the benefit of our clients and in a collaborative and horizontal environment, where merit and human quality stand out beyond any other condition or circumstance. And this is the way we are planning this stage, with new projects that will permit us to adapt to the challenging and ever-changing world we have before us. There is certainly an abundance of enthusiasm and commitment to live up to the circumstances”.

Francisco J. Roggero reflected, “It is an honor and an enormous responsibility for me to have been chosen for this position, especially when Carolina Zang, who was managing partner for a decade, and previously Juan Quintana, preceded me in this role. Besides, I take on this position with a Firm in optimal conditions: new partners – experts in their areas – have joined, and this allows us to continue offering the service which distinguishes us, in which the partners personally handle cases and contribute all their resourcefulness and creativity directly to the clients. We have also completed a long and important mission of digital transformation and renovation and, because of all this, we have the resources to face the coming years in the best possible way. I thank my partners’ trust, and commit my best efforts to continue taking ZBV to new heights, offering the best services to our clients and maintaining our firm commitment with society”.

María Angélica Grisolia observed that “It is a great honor to join the Capital Markets and Banking & Finance area at Zang, Bergel & Viñes, a team recognized for its innovation and experience. It is a unique opportunity to take on a new challenge in a firm focused on the future of the legal market and, at the same time, on talent development in an inclusive work culture. My commitment is with the whole ZBV team to boost our community and fortify our excellent services for our clients”.