Techniplas Group’s Acquisition of Nanogate’s Core Business

The insolvency experts from the law firm Abel und Kollegen managed the self-administration as general agents of Nanogate.
Noerr, CERHA HEMPEL, Houthoff, PEK?N & PEK?N, Roschier and Brouse McDowell advised Nanogate SE.

Nanogate SE announced the sale of major parts of its core business by way of reorganisation by transfer to the US Techniplas Group.

Headquartered in Germany, Nanogate, a technology company which produces design-oriented, multi-functional components and surfaces and operates several international sites, is on the verge of successfully completing the restructuring concept. Around 1,600 jobs will be saved.

Nanogate filed for insolvency in self-administration (protective shield) proceedings in mid-2020.

Techniplas, a leading global provider of plastics components which is managed by the international private equity investors Bayside Capital, Amzak Capital Management and The Jordan Company, is acquiring major assets of Nanogate SE and its insolvent subsidiaries Nanogate Management Services GmbH, Nanogate NRW GmbH, Nanogate PD Systems GmbH and Nanogate Neunkirchen GmbH by way of asset deals as well as the investments which belong to the core business and are held by Nanogate SE in non-insolvent subsidiaries (including Nanogate North America LLC, Nanogate heT Engineering GmbH, Nanogate Netherlands B.V., Nanogate Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH, Nanogate Slovakia s.r.o.) by way of share deals. The proceeds from the transaction will be used entirely to service claims of creditors of Nanogate SE and of the other insolvent group entities within the current self-administration proceedings. Closing of the transaction is subject to various conditions.

The Abel und Kollegen team included Matthias Bayer, Franz J. Abel, Lukas Eisenhuth.

The Noerr team included Marlies Raschke (Picture – team lead, Restructuring, Dresden), Professor Christian Pleister (Private Equity, Berlin/Frankfurt), Dr Uwe Brendler (Private Equity, Dresden), Ethel Nanaeva (Corporate/M&A, Berlin), Dr Alexander Schilling (Finance, Frankfurt), Dr Stephan Schulz (Stock Corporation Law, Hamburg), Dr Stefan Schwab (Employment & Pensions, Berlin), Dr Nikolai Warneke (Finance, Frankfurt), Dr Kathrin Westermann (Antitrust & Competition, Berlin), Dr Markus Zeibig (Real Estate, Dresden); Associates: Dr Theresa Bachmann (Regulatory, Berlin), Tabea Gutmann (Employment & Pensions, Berlin), Hans Kenschke (Restructuring, Dresden), Dr Fabian Radke (Finance, Frankfurt), Felix Winkler (Restructuring, Dresden), Lena Behrend (Finance, Frankfurt), Lukas Zöllner (Restructuring, Berlin).

The CERHA HEMPEL Rechtsanwälte team was led by Dr Thomas Trettnak.

The Houthoff team was led by Angenita Pex.

The PEKIN & PEKIN team was led by Elif Tolunay.

The Roschier was led by Toni Siimes.

The Brouse McDowell was headed by Patricia A. Gajda.

Involved fees earner: Franz Abel – Abel und Kollegen; Matthias Bayer – Abel und Kollegen; Lukas Eisenhuth – Abel und Kollegen; Patricia Gajda – Brouse McDowell; Thomas Trettnak – Cerha Hempel; Angenita Pex – Houthoff; Theresa Bachmann – Noerr; Lena Behrend – Noerr; Uwe Brendler – Noerr; Tabea Gutmann – Noerr; Hans Kenschke – Noerr; Ethel Nanaeva – Noerr; Christian Pleister – Noerr; Fabian Radke – Noerr; Marlies Raschke – Noerr; Alexander Schilling – Noerr; Stephan Schulz – Noerr; Stefan Schwab – Noerr; Nikolai Warneke – Noerr; Kathrin Westermann – Noerr; Felix Ferdinand Winkler – Noerr; Markus Zeibig – Noerr; Lukas Zöllner – Noerr; Elif Tolunay – Pekin & Pekin; Toni Siimes – Roschier;

Law Firms: Abel und Kollegen; Brouse McDowell; Cerha Hempel; Houthoff; Noerr; Pekin & Pekin; Roschier;

Clients: Nanogate AG;

Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler