San Miguel’s $100 Million Loan

Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi, Becker, Glynn, Muffy, Chassin & Hosinski, Guyer Regules, Miranda Amado, Rosso Alba, Francia y Asociados and Landay Leblang Stern advised on the transaction

San Miguel secured a US$100 million loan from Rabobank, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Inter-American Development Bank’s IDB Invest for its operations. The loan will help the company and the industry grow over the coming years.

San Miguel plans to expand by increasing production in all of the countries where it operates. This means it will continue to position itself as one of the leading companies in the Southern Hemisphere as a citrus supplier, creating employment for local producers and ensuring the industry’s productivity.

The loan will help boost the work done jointly between the private and public sectors, which has opened the possibilities of not only exporting supplies to the U.S. market but also the Brazilian and Mexican markets.

In Argentina, Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi advised IFC, IDB Invest and Rabobank with Analía Battaglia (Picture), Andrés Chester, Emilio Diaz Reynolds, Camila María Guerin, Daniela Rey and Pablo Muir.

Becker, Glynn, Muffy, Chassin & Hosinski LLP advised IFC, IDB Invest and Rabobank withPatrick O’Brien and Andrés A. Sardi Garcia.

In Uruguay, Guyer Regules advised IFC, IDB Invest and Rabobank with Nicolás Piaggio, Javier Napoleone and Guillermo Lorbeer.

in Perù, Miranda Amado advised IFC, IDB Invest and Rabobank with Enrique Felices, Gabriela Dañino and Ignacio Nuñez.

Rosso Alba, Francia y Asociados advised San Miguel with Gerardo E. Francia and Christian Feischer.

In US, Landay Leblang Stern advised San Miguel with Susana Ster.

Involved fees earner: Patrick O’Brien – Becker, Glynn, Muffly, Chassin & Hosinski LLP; Andres Sardi Garcia – Becker, Glynn, Muffly, Chassin & Hosinski LLP; Analía Battaglia – Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Andrés Chester – Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Emilio Díaz Reynolds – Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Pablo Muir – Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Daniela Rey – Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Javier Napoleone – Guyer & Regules; Nicolás Piaggio – Guyer & Regules; Gabriela Dañino Sinclair – Miranda & Amado Abogados; Ignacio Núñez Arena – Miranda & Amado Abogados; Enrique Felices Saavedra – Miranda & Amado Abogados; Christian Feischer – Rosso Alba, Francia & Asociados; Gerardo Francia – Rosso Alba, Francia & Asociados;

Law Firms: Becker, Glynn, Muffly, Chassin & Hosinski LLP; Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Guyer & Regules; Miranda & Amado Abogados; Rosso Alba, Francia & Asociados;

Clients: IDB Invest; International Finance Corporation; Rabobank; San Miguel Corporation;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti.