Mastercard’s Acquisition of Ethoca

Lowenstein Sandler advised Ethoca on the deal

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) has entered into an agreement to acquire Ethoca, a global provider of technology solutions that help merchants and card issuers collaborate in real-time to quickly identify and resolve fraud in digital commerce.

The Ethoca suite of products adds to Mastercard’s commitment to drive greater protection in the digital space, integrating with its robust suite of fraud management and security products.

Today, the Ethoca network brings together more than 5,000 merchants and 4,000 financial institutions around the world. When a fraudulent transaction is identified, near real-time information is sent to the merchant so they can confirm the transaction, stop delivery or reverse the transaction to avoid the chargeback process. As a result, both merchants and card issuers benefit from lower operational costs by reducing fraud at the source.

Mastercard intends to further scale these capabilities and combine Ethoca with its current security activities, data insights and artificial intelligence solutions to help merchants and card issuers more easily identify and stop potentially fraudulent purchases and false declines.

Lowenstein advised Ethoca with Steven E. Siesser (Picture), Traci M. Tomaselli, Anthony O. Pergola, Lesley P. Adamo, Jeffrey Blumenfeld, Jeffrey M. Shapiro, Jack Sidorov, Michael J. Mueller, Darren Goodman, Megan Monson, Gina M. Seong, James McDonough, Sophia Mokotoff, Erica Perlmutter and Lauren Killeen.

Involved fees earner: Lesley Adamo – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Jeffrey Blumenfeld – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Darren Goodman – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Lauren Killeen – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; James McDonough – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Sophia Mokotoff – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Megan Monson – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Michael Mueller – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Anthony Pergola – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Erica Perlmutter – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Gina Seong – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Jeffrey Shapiro – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Jack Sidorov – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Steven Siesser – Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Traci Tomaselli – Lowenstein Sandler LLP;

Law Firms: Lowenstein Sandler LLP;

Clients: Ethoca Limited;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti