Macquarie Asset Management’s Acquisition of Apex Energies

KPMG Avocats advised the seller. Linklaters advised Macquarie Asset Management. The international law firm Watson Farley & Williams (“WFW”) advised Bpifrance, IDIA Capital Investissement (Crédit Agricole) and the founders of the Apex Energies group.

The independent photovoltaic energy producer Apex Energies, based in Montpellier, has entered into exclusive negotiations with the Australian Macquarie Asset Management via its investment fund Macquarie Green Investment Group Renewable Energy Fund 2. The transaction concerns the acquisition of 90 % of the capital of Apex Energies.

The activities of Apex Energies cover the development of rooftop and ground-mounted solar power plants and the sale of electricity, including engineering, financing, construction, supervision, operation and maintenance of the systems for more of 7,000 customers.

The KPMG Avocats team included Antoine Badinier, Partner.

The Linklaters team was led by François April, partner and composed of Thomas Pontacq, counsel, Marie-Sarah DIB, senior associate and Anisah Inoussa, Corporate/M&A associate, Samuel Bordeleau, counsel, Enzo Beule and Abdullah Konaté, Energy associates and Infrastructure, Pierre Sikorav, senior associate, and Claire Oualid, associate in Public Law, Lionel Vuidard, partner, Fériel Aliouchouche, senior associate and Cécile Boulé, associate in Employment Law, Saadoun Alioua and Virginie Guerineau, associates in Real Estate, Cyril Boussion, partner, and Thomas de Wailly, associate in Taxation, Sonia Cissé, counsel and Clémentine Richard, senior associate in Technologies, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), Gaelle Bourout, counsel and Raphaëlle Mottet, associate in Intellectual Property and Nicolas Zacharie, counsel in Antitrust .

The multidisciplinary team of WFW advising Bpifrance, IDIA Capital Investissement and the founders of Apex Energies was led by Laurent Battoue, partner in Public Law and Regulation in the Paris office and Thomas Rabain, partner in Corporate and M&A. Laurent was assisted by senior associate Antoine Bois-Minot and associates Simon Dumontel, Anthony Pilon and Marine Yzquierdo on aspects of public law, regulations and project contracts. Thomas was assisted by collaborators Mohamed Douib and Inès-Anaïs Martinet. Cyrille Gogny-Goubert, partner and associates Kodou Diouf and Catherine Masquelet intervened in real estate law while Laurence Martinez-Bellet, partner and associates Julie Michelangeli and Diana Harapu intervened on financing aspects.

Involved fees earner: Antoine Badinier – KPMG; Saadoun Alioua – Linklaters; Fériel Aliouchouche – Linklaters; François April – Linklaters; Enzo Beulé – Linklaters; Samuel Bordeleau – Linklaters; Cécile Boulé – Linklaters; Gaëlle Bourout – Linklaters; Cyril Boussion – Linklaters; Sonia Cissé – Linklaters; Marie-Sarah Dib – Linklaters; Virginie Guerineau – Linklaters; Abdullah Konaté – Linklaters; Raphaëlle Mottet – Linklaters; Claire Oualid – Linklaters; Thomas Pontacq – Linklaters; Clémentine Richard – Linklaters; Pierre Sikorav – Linklaters; Lionel Vuidard – Linklaters; Nicolas Zacharie – Linklaters; Laurent Battoue – Watson Farley & Williams; Antoine Bois-Minot – Watson Farley & Williams; Kodou Diouf – Watson Farley & Williams; Mohamed Douib – Watson Farley & Williams; Simon Dumontel – Watson Farley & Williams; Cyrille Gogny-Goubert – Watson Farley & Williams; Diana Harapu – Watson Farley & Williams; Inès-Anaïs Martinet – Watson Farley & Williams; Laurence Martinez-Bellet – Watson Farley & Williams; Catherine Masquelet – Watson Farley & Williams; Julie Michelangeli – Watson Farley & Williams; Anthony Pilon – Watson Farley & Williams; Thomas Rabain – Watson Farley & Williams; Marine Yzquierdo – Watson Farley & Williams;

Law Firms: KPMG; Linklaters; Watson Farley & Williams;

Clients: Apex Energies; Bpifrance; Idia Capital ; Macquarie Asset Management;

Naoual Sadouqi

Author: Naoual Sadouqi