LI Enterprises Group’s Acquisition of Broen-Lab

Moalem Weitemeyer assisted LI Enterprises Group on the deal. Plesner advised Capidea.

LI Enterprises Group announced the acquisition of Broen-Lab from Danish private equity fund Capidea.

LI Enterprises Group is a Chicago-based group of manufacturing companies that includes WaterSaver Faucet Co. and Guardian Equipment Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of faucets, valves and safety equipment for use in science laboratories.

Broen-Lab develops and manufactures complete laboratory fittings and safety shower solutions for laboratories, educational institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, and the food sector.

The Moalem Weitemeyer team included Dan Moalem (Picture), Pernille Nørkær, Henning Hedegaard Thomsen, Poul Guo, Kristoffer Lund Poulsen, Thomas Enevoldsen, Jep Becher Jensen, Jeanette Kjeldgaard Rasmussen, Flora Hua Ting Chieng, Sarah Bernadette Stage High, Mads Rosleff Øbro, Rasmus Klosterskov Amby and Joakim Rydal.

Plesner’s core team consisted of Henrik Rossing Lønberg, Martin Anton Svarrer and Cecilie Møller Gyrsting.

Involved fees earner: Jeanette Kjeldgaard Rasmussen – Moalem Weitemeyer; Jep Becher Jensen – Moalem Weitemeyer; Thomas Enevoldsen – Moalem Weitemeyer; Poul Guo – Moalem Weitemeyer; Henning Hedegaard Thomsen – Moalem Weitemeyer; Rasmus Klosterskov Amby – Moalem Weitemeyer; Kristoffer Lund Poulsen – Moalem Weitemeyer; Dan Moalem – Moalem Weitemeyer; Pernille Nørkær – Moalem Weitemeyer; Mads Rosleff Øbro – Moalem Weitemeyer; Joakim Rydal – Moalem Weitemeyer; Sarah Bernadette Stage High – Moalem Weitemeyer; Flora Hua Ting Chieng – Moalem Weitemeyer; Cecilie Møller Gyrsting – Plesner; Henrik Rossing Lønberg – Plesner; Martin Anton Svarrer – Plesner;

Law Firms: Moalem Weitemeyer; Plesner;

Clients: Capidea Management ApS; Guardian Equipment ; WaterSaver Faucet Co.;

Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler