Hanwha Solutions’ Acquisition of RES France

Linklaters and PwC Société d’Avocats advised RES on the deal and McDermott Will & Emery advised Hanwha Solutions Corporation.

RES, the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, has finalized negotiations for the potential sale of its development and construction activities in France to Hanwha Solutions.

RES and Hanwha Solutions signed an exclusive put option agreement and launched the consultation process with RES’s Social and Economic Committee in France as well as the usual regulatory notifications. RES retains its asset management and operation-maintenance activity in France. This operation, the largest in the sector in France in recent years, confirms the attractiveness of renewable energies for investors.

RES’s development and construction platform in France currently includes a team of over 200 people as well as a 5GW portfolio of onshore, solar and storage wind projects.

The Linklaters team was led by François April (Photo), partner (energy & infrastructure) and included Pierre Guillot (public law), Pierre Zelenko (competition law), Géric Clomes (employment law), Cyril Boussion (tax law) and Joo Hee Lee (Seoul office), partners, Thomas Pontacq, Sonia Cissé, Samuel Bordeleau, counsel, Fériel Aliouchouche and Jean-François Merdrignac, confirmed collaborators and Saadoun Alioua, Cécile Boulé, Virginie Guerineau, Sandra Hoballah Campus, Camille Lapeyre Sabatie de Chavardes, Constance Mathais, Etienne Paletto and Youssef Berrada, collaborators.

The McDermott Will & Emery team included Guillaume Kellner, Jilali Maazouz, Laurent Ayache, Charlotte Michellet,, Boris Wolkoff, Marion Schwartz, Abdel Abdellah, Charles de Raignac, collaborateurs, Bernd Meyer-Witting, Florian Lechner, Hendrik Viaene, Caroline Ruiz Palmer, Karolien Van der Putten.

The PwC Société d’Avocats team included Xavier Etienne, Manon Ott, Gary Matt.

Involved fees earner: Saadoun Alioua – Linklaters; Fériel Aliouchouche – Linklaters; François April – Linklaters; Youssef Berrada – Linklaters; Samuel Bordeleau – Linklaters; Cécile Boulé – Linklaters; Cyril Boussion – Linklaters; Sonia Cissé – Linklaters; Géric Clomes – Linklaters; Virginie Guerineau – Linklaters; Pierre Guillot – Linklaters; Sandra Hoballah Campus – Linklaters; Camille Lapeyre Sabatie de Chavardes – Linklaters; Joo Hee Lee – Linklaters; Constance Mathais – Linklaters; Jean-François Merdrignac – Linklaters; Etienne Paletto – Linklaters; Thomas Pontacq – Linklaters; Pierre Zelenko – Linklaters; Abdel Abdellah – McDermott Will & Emery; Laurent Ayache – McDermott Will & Emery; Charles de Raignac – McDermott Will & Emery; Guillaume Kellner – McDermott Will & Emery; Florian Lechner – McDermott Will & Emery; Jilali Maazouz – McDermott Will & Emery; Bernd Meyer-Witting – McDermott Will & Emery; Charlotte Michellet – McDermott Will & Emery; Caroline Ruiz Palmer – McDermott Will & Emery; Marion Schwartz – McDermott Will & Emery; Karolien Van der Putten – McDermott Will & Emery; Hendrik Viaene – McDermott Will & Emery; Boris Wolkoff – McDermott Will & Emery; Xavier Etienne – PwC Tax & Legal; Gary Matt – PwC Tax & Legal; Manon Ott – PwC Tax & Legal;

Law Firms: Linklaters; McDermott Will & Emery; PwC Tax & Legal;

Clients: Hanwha Solutions Corporation; RES Group;

Naoual Sadouqi

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