Capitals Partners AG’s Establishment of BCP Battery Holding

Baker McKenzie advised B Capitals Partners AG on the deal.

B Capitals Partners AG, Zurich, executed the establishment of BCP Battery Holding (BCP), a platform to acquire a pipeline of German battery assets exceeding 300 MW. As the first asset in this pipeline, the platform has acquired a 60 MW battery project in Eisenach, Thuringia which is currently under construction and will be the largest industrial battery in the German battery storage market once completed.

The Baker McKenzie team conisted of Partner Dr. Claire Dietz-Polte LL.M. (Picture), Holger Engelkamp LL.M. (Counsel, Berlin); Corporate/Projects: Jasmin Mayerl (Associate, Berlin); Public Law: Dr. Janet Butler (Counsel, Berlin), Dr. Maximilian Voll LL.M. (Associate, Berlin); Antitrust: Prof. Dr. Christian Burholt LL.M. (Partner, Berlin), Dr. Katrin Kurz (Associate, Berlin); Real Estate: Dr. Daniel Bork (Counsel, Dusseldorf); Insurance: Dr. Peter Stankewitsch (Senior Counsel, Frankfurt); Tax: Dr. Stephan Behnes (Partner, Frankfurt), Florian Gimmler (Partner, Frankfurt), Dr. Astrid Ruppelt (Counsel, Frankfurt), Cornelia Hoene (Associate, Frankfurt); Banking & Finance: Kathrin Marchant (Partner, Frankfurt); Litigation/Arbitration: Dr. Max Wilhelm Oehm LL.M. (Associate, Frankfurt) Commercial: Dr. Johannes Teichmann (Partner, Frankfurt), Rebecca Romig (Associate, Frankfurt)
Legal Project Management: Felix Müller (Legal Project Manager, Frankfurt); Luxemburg/M&A: Elodie Duchene (Partner, Luxemburg), Jean-Philippe Smeets (Partner, Luxemburg), Nastasia Dumitru (Associate, Luxemburg), Thibaut Groeninger (Associate, Luxemburg), Laura Massagé (Associate, Luxemburg); Luxemburg/Tax: Amar Hamouche (Principal Tax Advisor, Luxemburg), Andrea Addamiano (Associate, Luxemburg), Matteo Barchi (Tax Specialist, Luxemburg), Antonio Merino (Associate, Luxemburg).

Involved fees earner: Andrea Addamiano – Baker McKenzie; Matteo Barchi – Baker McKenzie; Stephan Behnes – Baker McKenzie; Daniel Bork – Baker McKenzie; Christian Burholt – Baker McKenzie; Janet Butler – Baker McKenzie; Claire Dietz-Polte – Baker McKenzie; Elodie Duchene – Baker McKenzie; Nastasia Dumitru – Baker McKenzie; Holger Engelkamp – Baker McKenzie; Florian Gimmler – Baker McKenzie; Thibaut Groeninger – Baker McKenzie; Amar Hamouche – Baker McKenzie; Cornelia Hoene – Baker McKenzie; Katrin Kurz – Baker McKenzie; Kathrin Marchant – Baker McKenzie; Laura Massagé – Baker McKenzie; Jasmin Mayerl – Baker McKenzie; Antonio Merino – Baker McKenzie; Felix Müller – Baker McKenzie; Max Wilhelm Oehm – Baker McKenzie; Rebecca Romig – Baker McKenzie; Astrid Ruppelt – Baker McKenzie; Jean-Philippe Smeets – Baker McKenzie; Peter Stankewitsch – Baker McKenzie; Johannes Teichmann – Baker McKenzie; Maximilian Voll – Baker McKenzie;

Law Firms: Baker McKenzie;

Clients: B Capital Partners AG;