Allegro’s Expansion in Central and Eastern Europe

Clifford Chance, Selih & Partners and Savoric & Partners advised Allegro, while White & Case advised PPF Group, EC Investments, and Rockaway Capital

Allegro, the most popular shopping platform in Poland and one of the world’s top ten e-commerce websites, acquired 100% of the shares of Mall Group a.s. and WE I DO CZ s.r.o. from the selling shareholders PPF, EC Investments, and Rockaway Capital for a total consideration of EUR 881m. The final price might be increased by a price adjustment of up to EUR 50 million based on specific short-term objectives. The acquired business comprises the e-commerce assets of Mall Group and the logistics assets of WE|DO based across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and Poland. The transaction is subject to the customary antitrust and regulatory approvals and is expected to close in H1 2022.

The transaction is a significant step in Allegro’s strategy of international expansion and will allow the soon-to-be joint group to accelerate growth across Europe. Last year the team advised the client on its successful IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the largest IPO in Poland to date.

The international team of Clifford Chance lawyers led by Agnieszka Janicka (Picture), Warsaw Managing Partner, advised on all of the legal aspects related to the transaction including acquisition, financing, capital markets, regulatory and employment law issues as well as notifications to the relevant competition authorities.

The core legal team included: Krzysztof Hajdamowicz (Counsel, Corporate/M&A, Warsaw), Nick Fletcher (Of Counsel, Corporate/M&A, Warsaw), Iwona Terlecka (Head of Antitrust, Warsaw), Jaroslaw Lorenc (Counsel, Capital Markets, Warsaw), Katarzyna Aleksandrowicz (Senior Associate, Capital Markets, Warsaw), Katarzyna Kuchta (Associate, Corporate/M&A, Warsaw), Tomas Prochazka (Lawyer, Corporate/M&A, Prague), Mélissa Kdyem (Senior Associate, Corporate/M&A, Luxembourg), Michal Jasek (Counsel, Corporate/M&A, Prague), Stanislav Holec (Senior Associate, Corporate/M&A, Prague), Joanna Kaminska (Senior Associate, Employment, Warsaw), Marta Michalek-Gervais (Senior Associate, Antitrust), Filip Stawicki (Senior Associate, Corporate/M&A, Warsaw), Aleksander Ostafil (Associate, Antitrust, Warsaw), Lauren Harris (Senior Advisor, Corporate/M&A, Luxembourg), and Nikoletta Koziol (Associate, Corporate/M&A, Warsaw).

The team received strong ongoing support from London based partners Jonny Myers (Global Head of Private Equity) and Adrian Cartwright (Global Practice Area Leader for Capital Markets).

The Prague team was led by Alex Cook (Prague Managing Partner) and Milos Felgr (Partner, Banking & Finance) and the Luxembourg team was led by Katia Gauzès (Partner, Corporate/M&A) and Christian Kremer (Senior Partner, Corporate/M&A).

The cross-border team also included, among others:

Warsaw: Grzegorz Namiotkiewicz (Partner, Banking & Finance), Aleksandra Ulatowska (Senior Associate, Corporate/M&A), Kamila Hora (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Julia Piotrkowicz (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Krzysztof Regucki (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Szymon Rutecki (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Marcelina Slugocka (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Mariusz Wisniewski (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Anna Lyczakowska (Senior Associate, Antitrust), Marta Matynia (Senior Associate, Antitrust), Aleksandra Mielcarek (Senior Associate, Antitrust), Milena Machala (Junior Associate, Antitrust) and Grzegorz Nowaczek (Senior Associate, Employment)

Prague: Jan Dobry (Counsel, Antitrust Litigation), Petr Sebesta (Counsel, Tax, Pensions & Employment), Milan Rakosnik (Counsel, Real Estate), Veronika Kinclova (Senior Associate, Corporate/M&A), Jakub Vesely (Lawyer, Corporate/M&A), Daniela Bencova (Junior Lawyer, Corporate/M&A), Andrej Havko (Junior Lawyer, Corporate/M&A), Hana Kaderabkova (Junior Lawyer, Corporate/M&A), Martin Urban (Junior Lawyer, Corporate/M&A), Dominik Vojta (Senior Associate, Banking & Finance), Petr Chytil (Lawyer, Banking & Finance), Tomas Kubala (Junior Lawyer, Banking & Finance), Tomas Novak (Paralegal, Banking & Finance), Josef Lysonek (Lawyer, Real Estate), Jan Christelbauer (Junior Lawyer, Real Estate), Ondrej Dolensky (Junior Lawyer, Real Estate), Adam Simice (Junior Lawyer, Real Estate)

Luxembourg: Marc Mehlen (Partner, Banking & Finance), Alexandra Dear (Advocat, Corporate/M&A), Arvine Nooralian (Advocat, Corporate/M&A)

London: Joel Ziff (Partner, Corporate/M&A), Alex Nourry (Partner, Antitrust), Sue Hinchliffe (Partner, Antitrust), James Koessler (Senior Associate, Capital Markets), Oliver Marcuse (Senior Associate, Private Equity), Anjaneya Das (Lawyer, Capital Markets), Nissim Massarano (Lawyer, Antitrust), James Neill (Lawyer, Antitrust), Ashley Cywicki (Senior Associate, Corporate), Lindsay Bickerton (Partner, L&DR), and Haafiz Suleman (Senior Associate, L&DR.

The Selih & Partners team included Partners Spela Remec and Natasa Pipan Nahtigal, Senior Associate Lidija Zupancic, and Associates Nejc Bokalic and Marusa Polak.

Savoric & Partners’ team included Partner Mia Lazic and Senior Associate Marin Herenda.

The White & Case team included Partners Jan Andrusko and Ivo Janda, Local Partners Jan Stejskal and Jan Jakoubek, and Associates Iva Cechrakova, Monika Sedlackova, and Lukas Pavlik.

Involved fees earner: Katarzyna Aleksandrowicz – Clifford Chance; Adrian Cartwright – Clifford Chance; Petr Chytil – Clifford Chance; Alex Cook – Clifford Chance; Ashley Cywicki – Clifford Chance; Anjaneya Das – Clifford Chance; Alexandra Dear – Clifford Chance; Jan Dobry – Clifford Chance; Miloš Felgr – Clifford Chance; Nick Fletcher – Clifford Chance; Katia Gauzès – Clifford Chance; Krzysztof Hajdamowicz – Clifford Chance; Lauren Harris – Clifford Chance; Sue Hinchliffe – Clifford Chance; Stanislav Holec – Clifford Chance; Kamila Hora – Clifford Chance; Agnieszka Janicka – Clifford Chance; Michal Jašek – Clifford Chance; Joanna Kami?ska – Clifford Chance; Mélissa Kdyem – Clifford Chance; Veronika Kinclová – Clifford Chance; James Koessler – Clifford Chance; Nikoletta Kozio? – Clifford Chance; Christian Kremer – Clifford Chance; Katarzyna Kuchta – Clifford Chance; Jaros?aw Lorenc – Clifford Chance; Josef Lyson?k – Clifford Chance; Oliver Marcuse – Clifford Chance; Nissim Massarano – Clifford Chance; Marta Matynia – Clifford Chance; Marc Mehlen – Clifford Chance; Marta Micha?ek-Gervais – Clifford Chance; Aleksandra Mielcarek – Clifford Chance; Jonny Myers – Clifford Chance; Grzegorz Namiotkiewicz – Clifford Chance; James Neill – Clifford Chance; Arvine Nooralian – Clifford Chance; Alex Nourry – Clifford Chance; Grzegorz Nowaczek – Clifford Chance; Aleksander Ostafil – Clifford Chance; Julia Piotrkowicz – Clifford Chance; Tomáš Procházka – Clifford Chance; Milan Rákosník – Clifford Chance; Krzysztof Regucki – Clifford Chance; Szymon Rutecki – Clifford Chance; Petr Šebesta – Clifford Chance; Filip Stawicki – Clifford Chance; Marcelina S?ugocka – Clifford Chance; Iwona Terlecka – Clifford Chance; Aleksandra Ulatowska – Clifford Chance; Jakub Veselý – Clifford Chance; Dominik Vojta – Clifford Chance; Mariusz Wi?niewski – Clifford Chance; Joel Ziff – Clifford Chance; Anna ?yczakowska – Clifford Chance; Marin Herenda – Savoric & Partners; Mia Lazis – Savoric & Partners; Nejc Bokalic – Šelih & Partnerji; Nataša Pipan Nahtigal – Šelih & Partnerji; Marusa Polak – Šelih & Partnerji; Spela Remec – Šelih & Partnerji; Lidija Zupancic – Šelih & Partnerji; Jan Andruško – White & Case; Iva ?echráková – White & Case; Jan Jakoubek – White & Case; Ivo Janda – White & Case; Lukas Pavlik – White & Case; Monika Sedlackova – White & Case; Jan Stejskal – White & Case;

Law Firms: Clifford Chance; Savoric & Partners; Šelih & Partnerji; White & Case;

Clients: Allegro; EC Investments ; PPF group; Rockaway Capital SE;

Giulia Di Palma

Author: Giulia Di Palma