Sogelink’s Acquisition of Locatiqs

Loyens & Loeff advised Main Capital on the sale of Dutch developer of outdoor software Locatiqs to sogelink. Paul Hastings (Europe) LLP, NautaDutilh and Deloitte advised Sogelink and its shareholders (Keensight Capital).

The Locatiqs Group develops applications that allow companies to see how the land is laid out. This enables fibre optic installers, for example, to see where cables and pipes are located and policy makers to know exactly which zoning plan applies to which area. The Locatiqs Group will continue their strategic growth path with Sogelink.

The Loyens & Loeff team included Anke van Holthe tot Echte, Elze Roorda, Gerda de Jonge, Louis Lutz, Sandrine Lekkerkerker, Laurie Kuijpers, Freek Hilberdink, Marten Wijma and Willemijn Agelink.

The Paul Hastings team included Olivier Deren (Picture), Sébastien Crepy, Vincent Nacinovic, Amandine Guignard, Allard de Waal, Thomas Pulcini.

The NautaDutilh team consists of Joost den Engelsman, Olaf Baks, Edger Kleijer, Sophie Umans, Fleur Terlouw and Frans Ruijs (Corporate), Sanne Mesu, Mike Koudenburg and Esther Schreiber (Notarial), Ed-ward Rijnhout and Sjuul Jentjens (Tax), Jinne van Belle and Martijn Vreuls (Finance), Jolize Lautenbach and Arjen Praat (Regulatory), Arjan Koorevaar, Susanne van Leeuwen, Eva van Rooijen and Peter Vogels (Employment) Terrence Dom and Danique Knibbeler (Privacy), Ramon Pop (Real Estate), Marleen Velthuis and Elena Neve (Compliance), Nima Lorjé, Jasmijn van Koetsveld and Lauren Delleman (Competition), Sasha van Gelder and Laura Zijp (Insurance), Michelle Slimmen and Fleur Folmer (IP), Cyril Christiaans, (IT) and Lisa Munchow (Litigation) and Pieter de Jong (Pension).

Involved fees earner: Willemijn Agelink – Loyens & Loeff; Gerda de Jong – Loyens & Loeff; Freek Hilberdink – Loyens & Loeff; Laurie Kuijpers – Loyens & Loeff; Sandrine Lekkerkerker – Loyens & Loeff; Louis Lutz – Loyens & Loeff; Elze Roorda – Loyens & Loeff; Anke van Holthe tot Echten – Loyens & Loeff; Marten Wijma – Loyens & Loeff; Olaf Baks – NautaDutilh; Cyril Christiaans – NautaDutilh; Pieter de Jong – NautaDutilh; Lauren Delleman – NautaDutilh; Joost den Engelsman – NautaDutilh; Terrence Dom – NautaDutilh; Fleur Folmer – NautaDutilh; Sjuul Jentjens – NautaDutilh; Edger Kleijer – NautaDutilh; Danique Knibbeler – NautaDutilh; Arjan Koorevaar – NautaDutilh; Mike Koudenburg – NautaDutilh; Jolize Lautenbach – NautaDutilh; Nima Lorjé – NautaDutilh; Sanne Mesu – NautaDutilh; Lisa Münchow – NautaDutilh; Elena Neve – NautaDutilh; Ramon Pop – NautaDutilh; Arjen Praat – NautaDutilh; Edward Rijnhout – NautaDutilh; Frans Ruijs – NautaDutilh; Esther Schreiber – NautaDutilh; Michelle Slimmen – NautaDutilh; Fleur Terlouw – NautaDutilh; Sophie Umans – NautaDutilh; Jinne van Belle – NautaDutilh; Sasha van Gelder – NautaDutilh; Jasmijn van Koetsveld – NautaDutilh; Susanne van Leeuwen – NautaDutilh; Eva van Rooijen – NautaDutilh; Marleen Velthuis – NautaDutilh; Peter Vogels – NautaDutilh; Martijn Vreuls – NautaDutilh; Laura Zijp – NautaDutilh; Sebastien Crepy – Paul Hastings LLP; Allard de Waal – Paul Hastings LLP; Olivier Deren – Paul Hastings LLP; Amandine Guignard – Paul Hastings LLP; Vincent Nacinovic – Paul Hastings LLP; Thomas Pulcini – Paul Hastings LLP;

Law Firms: Loyens & Loeff; NautaDutilh; Paul Hastings LLP;

Clients: Main Capital Partners; Sogelink SAS;

Naoual Sadouqi

Author: Naoual Sadouqi