MetLife Chile Seguros de Vida and Toesca Asset Management’s Acquisition of Three Office Buildings in Santiago

Claro & Cia., Larraín, Rencoret & Urzúa, Carey, Fontaine & Cía. and Garrigues advised on the deal

MetLife Chile Seguros de Vida and Toesca Asset Management executed the acquisition of three office buildings in Santiago from Capital Advisors Equity Investments.

MetLife Chile Seguros de Vida S.A. offers group and personal life and health insurance; retirement savings; and mortgage products in Chile. The company, operates as a subsidiary of MetLife Chile Inversiones SpA.

Capital Advisors Equity Investments S.A. is the private equity investment arm of Capital Advisors. The firm, led by Fernán A. Gazmuri and Rafael A. Vergara, seeks to invest companies based in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Toesca is an indipendent assent manager based in Chile.

The transaction was financed by Banco de Crédito e Inversiones (BCI).

Claro & Cia. advised Toesca Asset Management with Hernán Felipe Valdés (Picture) Josefina Ayala, Tomás González and Vicente Allende.

Carey advised MetLife Chile Seguros de Vida with Pablo Iacobelli, Cristián Figueroa, Patricia Silberman, Alejandra Risso, Carolina Said, Héctor Herrera, Ximena Silberman and María Ignacia Amtmann.

Larraín, Rencoret & Urzúa advised Banco de Crédito e Inversiones (BCI) with Felipe Rencoret.

Fontaine & Cía. advised MetLife and Chilena Consolidada Seguros de Vida S.A with Juan Eduardo Troncoso Cruz, Domingo Edwards and Camila Aranda.

Garrigues advised Capital Advisors Equity Investments with José Miguel Rioseco, Florencia Thorkelsen and Carla Martini.

Involved fees earner: María Ignacia Amtmann – Carey; Cristián Figueroa – Carey; Héctor Herrera – Carey; Pablo Iacobelli – Carey; Alejandra Risso – Carey; Carolina Said – Carey; Patricia Silberman – Carey; Ximena Silberman – Carey; Vicente Allende – Claro y Cia; Josefina Ayala – Claro y Cia; Tomás González – Claro y Cia; Hernán Felipe Valdés – Claro y Cia; Camila Aranda Inostroza – Fontaine & Cìa; Domingo Edwards Morel – Fontaine & Cìa; Juan Eduardo Troncoso Cruz – Fontaine & Cìa; Carla Martini – Garrigues; José Miguel Rioseco Romero – Garrigues; Florencia Thorkelsen – Garrigues; Felipe Rencoret – Larraín Rencoret Urzúa Abogados;

Law Firms: Carey; Claro y Cia; Fontaine & Cìa; Garrigues; Larraín Rencoret Urzúa Abogados;

Clients: Banco de Crédito e Inversiones; Capital Advisors Equity Investments S.A. ; Metlife Chile Seguros de Vida S.A.; Toesca SA Administradora General de Fondos;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti.