LBO France’s Acquisition of Alliance Marine

Eight Advisory Avocats and Allen & Overy advised Weinberg Capital Partners. McDermott Will & Emery advised LBO France. Jeausserand Audouard advised the management of Groupe Alliance Marine.

LBO France announced its entry into exclusive negotiations with Weinberg Capital Partners (WCP), with a view to acquiring a majority stake in the Alliance Marine group, which specializes in the design, production and distribution of equipment and spare parts for the pleasure boating and professional marine industries. 

The Allen & Overy team included Marc Castagnède, Romy Richter, Jules Lecoeur, Astrid Achard,  Florence Ninane, Noémie Bomble, Asha Sinha, Reda Boujnini, Luc Lamblin, Olivier Picquerey, Susan Ekrami, Camille Wattrelos, Laurie-Anne Ancenys, Juliette Olliveaud, Julie Metois, Antoine Coursaut-Durand, Charles-Hugo Lerebour, Marianne Delassausse, Pierre Soen, Antoine Gueche, Peter Banks, Daniel Ayad, Sara Fegan, Peter McParland, Paolo Ghiglione, Antonio Ferri, Francesco Martello, Astrid Krueger, Johannes Grassl and Adriana Worms.

The Eight Advisory Avocats team included Guillaume Rembry (Picture) and Guillaume Exerjean.

The McDermott team that advised LBO France was composed of Henri Pieyre de Mandiargues, partner, Herschel Guez, counsel and Boris Wolkoff, associate on corporate aspects, and Frédéric Pradelles, partner and Mary Hecht, associate on competition aspects.

Mayer Brown advised LBO France with Laurent Borey, Olivier Parawan, Simon-Pierre Ben Soussan, Patrick Teboul and Constance Bouchet.
The Jeausserand Audouard team included Carole Degonse, Carole Furst, Charlotte Elkoun and Maxime Aps.

Involved fees earner: Astrid Achard – Allen & Overy; Laurie-Anne Ancenys – Allen & Overy; Noemie Bomble – Allen & Overy; Reda Boujnini – Allen & Overy; Marc Castagnede – Allen & Overy; Antoine Coursaut-Durand – Allen & Overy; Marianne Delassaussé – Allen & Overy; Susan Ekrami – Allen & Overy; Antoine Gueche – Allen & Overy; Luc Lamblin – Allen & Overy; Jules Lecoeur – Allen & Overy; Charles-Hugo Lerebour – Allen & Overy; Julie Metois – Allen & Overy; Florence Ninane – Allen & Overy; Juliette Olliveaud – Allen & Overy; Olivier Picquerey – Allen & Overy; Romy Richter – Allen & Overy; Asha Sinha – Allen & Overy; Pierre Soen – Allen & Overy; Camille Wattrelos – Allen & Overy; Guillaume Exerjean – Eight Advisory; Guillaume Rembry – Eight Advisory; Maxime Aps – Jeausserand Audouard; Carole Degonse – Jeausserand Audouard; Charlotte Elkoun – Jeausserand Audouard; Carole Furst – Jeausserand Audouard; Frédéric Pradelles – Latham & Watkins; Laurent Borey – Mayer Brown; Constance Bouchet – Mayer Brown; Olivier Parawan – Mayer Brown; Patrick Teboul – Mayer Brown; Herschel Guez – McDermott Will & Emery; Mary Hecht – McDermott Will & Emery; Henri Pieyre de Mandiargues – McDermott Will & Emery; Boris Wolkoff – McDermott Will & Emery;

Law Firms: Allen & Overy; Eight Advisory; Jeausserand Audouard; Latham & Watkins; Mayer Brown; McDermott Will & Emery;

Clients: Alliance marine; Lbo France; Weinberg Capital Partners;

Naoual Sadouqi

Author: Naoual Sadouqi