King’s Acquisition of Peltarion AB

Vinge has advised King on the deal.

King, a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile gaming world, announced the acquisition of artificial intelligence software company Peltarion.

Peltarion is a Swedish artificial intelligence (AI) software company and developer of a no-code, machine learning operations platform that empowers users to design, train and manage deep learning models in the Cloud at scale and at speed. King’s acquisition of Peltarion will accelerate the current use of AI and machine learning technology in King’s game platform, a key area of ongoing strategic direction for the company.

With this investment, King aims to continue to build top-tier AI and machine learning capabilities and teams – enabling a new generation of innovative game design, development and live operations capabilities and becoming a hub for the world’s top talent in game AI.

Founded in 2004 by Luka Crnkovic-Friis and Måns Essén, Peltarion is based in Stockholm and is one of Sweden’s most established AI innovators. Crnkovic-Friis and Essén will assume leadership roles at King, focusing on advancing King’s AI and machine learning capabilities and building on and contributing to Sweden’s AI community and rich history of innovation in this area.

Vinge’s team consisted primarily of Ulrich Ziche (Picture), Isabelle Wållgren and Robin Fagerström (M&A), Åsa Gotthardsson, Ebba Svenburg and Emil Lindwall (Employment), Alexander Lindberg (IP/IT/GDPR), Isabell Nielsen and Mario Saad (Commercial Agreements), Axel Jansson and Nour Makie (Banking and Finance), Maria Schultzberg (Tax) as well as Julia Hagelberg and Sara Dahlros Sköld (project assistants).

Involved fees earner: Axel Jansson – Vinge; Robin Fagerström – Vinge; Åsa Gotthardsson – Vinge; Alexander Lindeberg – Vinge; Emil Lindwall – Vinge; Nour Makie – Vinge; Isabell Nielsen – Vinge; Mario Saad – Vinge; Maria Schultzberg – Vinge; Ebba Svenburg – Vinge; Isabelle Wållgren – Vinge; Ulrich Ziche – Vinge;

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Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler