Intellico’s Acquisition Of doDigital S.r.l.

All the legal aspects of the transaction were handled by LawaL with a team made up of the Managing Partner Piergiorgio Mancone (Picture) and Senior Associate Luca Gobbi.

Intellico, leading Italian player of Artificial Intelligence solutions, announces the acquisition of 100% share capital of doDigital s.r.l., a boutique consulting company specializing in digital innovation consulting, aiming to guarantee companies a structured and complete approach.

doDigital is a boutique consulting company focused on consulting services for business digital innovation. The company, founded in 2016 by a consortium of Politecnico di Milano active in the field of digital innovation, is specialized in supporting medium and large companies that compete internationally in the design and implementation of digitization programs that require consolidated skills in the field of Data Strategy and Data Governance, Software & Partner Selection and Digital Service Design.

For Intellico this is a strategic operation as it integrates service skills in the digital field that have become essential for implementing successful projects in the AI field and because it represents the enhancement of a collaboration already in place for various areas.

Thanks to the acquisition of doDigital, already partner company, Intellico strengthens its position as a leading operator to optimize the management of assets and plant and infrastructure resources, integrating its offer in the Data Strategy, Data Governance, Service Design, Software & Partner Selection and Technical Due diligence.

Intellico thus continues its growth plan by aiming at an increasingly product-oriented focus but at the same time guaranteeing the supervision of key areas in the path followed by the companies that are investing in the AI Journey.

Involved fees earner: Luca Gobbi – LawaL STA; Piergiorgio Mancone – LawaL STA;

Law Firms: LawaL STA;

Clients: doDigital S.r.l.; Intellico;