Ibla Capital’s Acquisition of Seko Industries

The legal aspects were handled by Studio Gianni Origoni & Partners, for the sellers; Allen & Overy assisted Ibla Capital while Chiomenti assisted Intesa Sanpaolo. The sellers were advised by Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services for the financial aspects.

Ibla Industries II, a vehicle promoted by the private equity fund Ibla Capital, has taken over 100% of Seko Industries, a company in Curtarolo, Padua, which manufactures machinery and systems for livestock feeding and ecology.

With this acquisition, financed by Intesa Sanpaolo, the fund enters a market, that of animal husbandry, which according to analysts will be constantly growing in the coming years. The intent is to create a center for services for the agricultural sector. Furthermore, the technology used for mixing food for animals has also been applied by Seko Industries to the reuse of organic waste, which becomes humus for the soil, thus creating a system for recycling and reusing waste for the benefit of environmental sustainability.

Seko Industries has 40 employees and an annual turnover of 14 million euros, which has grown steadily over the years with a margin of over 10%; exports over 80% of its production abroad, boasting leadership positions in countries such as: Japan, New Zealand and South Africa. The founder of the company, Giuseppe Loppoli, and some members of the family, who were part of the top management, will remain in the company to guide the steps of the company’s transition to the fund.

Ibla Capital is an independent company focused on investments in small and medium-sized Italian companies with a turnover of between 10 and 50 million euros operating in various sectors including mechanics, components, packaging, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics.

The Allen & Overy team in the transaction was directed by the counsel Juri Bettinelli for the banking aspects assisted by the associate Arnaldo Mitola and the trainee Aldo Brombin Tuzzato, and by the senior associate Antonio Ferri for the corporate / M & A aspects with the support of associated with Davide Biasotti.

GOP assisted with a team made up of partner Paolo Gnignati and senior associate Andrea Baccarin from the Padua office.

The Chiomenti team was coordinated by managing counsel Riccardo Rossi assisted by associates Angelo De Michele, Riccardo Coppola and Marco Sangiorgi.

Grant Thornton’s team was made up of Sante Maiolica, Giovanni Marino and Nicola Cimmino.

Involved fees earner: Juri Bettinelli – Allen & Overy; Davide Biasotti – Allen & Overy; Aldo Brombin Tuzzato – Allen & Overy; Antonio Ferri – Allen & Overy; Arnaldo Mitola – Allen & Overy; Nicola Cimmino – Bernoni Grant Thornton; Riccardo Coppola – Chiomenti; Angelo De Michele – Chiomenti; Riccardo Rossi – Chiomenti; Marco Sangiorgi – Chiomenti; Andrea Baccarin – Gianni & Origoni; Paolo Gnignati – Gianni & Origoni; Sante Maiolica – Grant Thornton Tax & Legal; Giovanni Marino – Grant Thornton Tax & Legal;

Law Firms: Allen & Overy; Bernoni Grant Thornton; Chiomenti; Gianni & Origoni; Grant Thornton Tax & Legal;

Clients: Ibla Industries II SCSP; Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.; Seko Industries;

Sonia Carcano

Author: Sonia Carcano