Gold Fields’ $6.7 Billion Acquisition of Yamana Gold

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Linklaters LLP, Webber Wentzel, Veirano Advogados, Allende & Brea and Larrain y Asociados Ltda. advised Gold Fields Limited. Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP and Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP advised Yamana Gold Inc. on the deal. Torys LLP assisted Scotiabank as financial advisor to the board of directors of Yamana Gold.

Yamana Gold Inc., a Canada-based precious metals producer with land positions throughout the Americas, announced its all-stock acquisition by Gold Fields Limited, a globally diversified gold producer with nine operating mines in Australia, Chile, Ghana, Peru and South Africa. The transaction, valued at $6.7 billion, will create a top-four global gold producer, with the combined company to be headquartered in Johannesburg.

Upon completion of the transaction, which is expected to close in the second half of 2022, Gold Fields and Yamana shareholders will own approximately 61% and 39% of the combined entity, respectively.

Gold Fields is a globally diversified gold producer with a focus on mechanised underground and open-pit mining. At present it is the world’s seventh largest gold producer.

Yamana Gold Inc. is a Canadian-based gold producer with significant gold production, gold development stage properties, exploration properties, and land positions in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Yamana plans to continue to build on this base through existing operating mine expansions, throughput increases, development of new mines, the advancement of its exploration properties and by targeting other gold consolidation opportunities in the Americas.

The Fasken Martineau DuMoulin team includes Brian Graves, Bradley Freelan, Gordon Raman (Picture), Myroslav Chwaluk, Florind Polo, Christopher Steeves, Huy Do, Tony Di Domenico, Brad Moore, Andrew House, Allison Marks, Karen Yao, Josh Hersh, Niel Jacobs, Devon LaBuik, Robin Spillette, Dyna Zekaoui and  David Heurtel. 

The Veirano Advogados team includes Partners Pedro A. Garcia, Marcos Ludwig and Associate Antonio H. Albani Siqueira.

Allende & Brea advised Gold Fields Limited with a team including  Florencia Heredia, Agostina L. Martinez and Valentina Surraco Urtubey.

Linklaters advised Gold Fields with a team including Tom McGrath,  Pierre-Emmanuel Perais, Gabriel Grossman, Anna Gooding, Mike Bienenfeld and Igor Rogovoy. 

The Paul, Weiss team includes corporate partners Adam Givertz, Ian Hazlett and Christopher Cummings, and counsel Christian Kurtz; tax partners Matthew Jordan and David Mayo; and antitrust counsel Marta Kelly.

The Cassels team includes Mark T. Bennett, Jamie Litchen, Andrea Fitzgerald, Jonathan J. Chandler, Shannon Scrocchi, Thea Gaertner, Zahra Nurmohamed, Tera Li Parizeau, Ashley Jung, Jennifer Wasylyk, Davit Akman, Tegan O’Brien, Olivia Ells, Laurie Jessome, and Becky Langille-Rowe.

The Torys’ team included Michael Amm and Daniel Masliyah (corporate/M&A).

The Larrain team included Partners Jorge Granic, Carlos Ignacio Larrain and Juan de Dios Ferrada and associates Alejandra Bulnes and Ana María Sepúlveda.

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Law Firms: Allende & Brea Abogados; Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP; Fasken Martineau; Larrain y Asociados; Linklaters; Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison; Torys LLP; Veirano Advogados;

Clients: Gold Fields Limited; Scotiabank; Yamana Gold Inc.;