GOGOX’s HK$670 Million IPO

CYL & Partners in association with Cooley Hong Kong and Maples represented GOGOX. Paul Hastings advised the joint sponsors and underwriters.

GOGOX HOLDINGS LIMITED announced the HK$670 million (approximately US$86 million) global offering and listing on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

UBS Securities Hong Kong Limited, China International Capital Corporation Hong Kong Securities Limited, BOCOM International (Asia) Limited, and ABCI Capital Limited acted as the joint sponsors in this transaction. 

GOGOX, formerly known as GOGOVAN and merged with 58 Suyun, is a major online intra-city logistics platform in Asia. Their business includes door-to-door deliveries and customised logistics solutions across five countries and regions in Asia.

The Cooley team included Michael Yu (Picture), Will Cai, Alexander Lee, Aaron Pomeroy, Luke Cadigan, Russell Capone, Daniel Grooms, Mark Windfeld-Hansen, Lisa Yuan, Ying Liu, Keke Wu, Marcus Chen, Rick Jantz, Jie Zhang, Jasmine (Mo) Li, April Wang, Freeda Li, Shuaiwen Wang, Jieting Zhang and Cindy Pan.

The Maples Group’s Hong Kong legal team was led by Corporate Partner, Everton Robertson with assistance from Associates, Jessica Zhan and Katherine Ng. The Group’s Fund Services team included Eastern Fong, Regional Head of Funds Services – Asia and Christy Poon, Senior Vice President. 

The Paul Hastings team was led by Raymond Li, global partner and chair of Greater China, and corporate partners Chaobo Fan and Vincent Wang, with support from of counsels Crystal Liu and Eric Wong, and associates Sara She and Aaron Long.

Involved fees earner: Jasmine Li – Cooley LLP; Luke Cadigan – Cooley LLP; Will Cai – Cooley LLP; Russell Capone – Cooley LLP; Marcus Chen – Cooley LLP; Daniel Grooms – Cooley LLP; Rick Jantz – Cooley LLP; Alexander Lee – Cooley LLP; Ying Liu – Cooley LLP; Aaron Pomeroy – Cooley LLP; Mark Windfeld-Hansen – Cooley LLP; Keke Wu – Cooley LLP; Michael Yu – Cooley LLP; Lisa Yuan – Cooley LLP; Jie Zhang – Cooley LLP; Eastern Fong – Maples and Calder; Katherine Ng – Maples and Calder; Christy Poon – Maples and Calder; Everton Robertson – Maples and Calder; Jessica Zhan – Maples and Calder; Chaobo Fan – Paul Hastings LLP; Raymond Li – Paul Hastings LLP; Crystal Liu – Paul Hastings LLP; Aaron Long – Paul Hastings LLP; Sara She – Paul Hastings LLP; Vincent Wang – Paul Hastings LLP; Eric Wong – Paul Hastings LLP;

Law Firms: Cooley LLP; Maples and Calder; Paul Hastings LLP;

Clients: ABCI Capital Limited; BOCOM International (Asia) Limited; China International Capital Corporation Hong Kong Securities Limited; GOGOX; UBS Securities LLC;

Martina Bellini

Author: Martina Bellini