CVC Capital’s Acquisition Of BIP

In the transaction, Bip was assisted by Equita, Rothschild, Allen & Overy, Lodovico Bianchi Di Giulio, BonelliErede, PWC and AON. CVC was followed by BNP Paribas, Latham & Watkins, Facchini Rossi Michelutti, PwC and Bain & Company, Elvinger Hoss Prussen.

CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII (CVC) has signed an agreement to acquire the majority stake of BIP, participated by Apax Partners France and by BIP founders and management. Founded in Italy in 2003, BIP is currently a leading international advisory firm with offices in 13 countries, employing over 3500 people globally.

At the completion of the deal CVC will own a majority stake of BIP, while the company’s chairman, Nino Lo Bianco, the CEOs, Carlo Capè and Fabio Troiani, and the equity partners, will continue to maintain a relevant stake and lead BIP’s group.

Allen & Overy has advised BIP management and the foundesr both in the sale and the reinvestment process, with a team led by partner Paolo Nastasi (Picture), supported by associates Chiara De Luca and Enrico Roveda. Counsel Emilio De Giorgi has advised for antitrust aspects.

Latham & Watkins assisted CVC with a team led by partners Antonio Coletti and Giovanni B. Sandicchi and made up of associates Riccardo Coghe, Marco Martino, Federica Di Terlizzi, Giuseppe Fichera and Beatrice Massimino for corporate profiles, the counsel Cesare Milani and the associated with Virginia List for regulatory profiles, and by a cross-border team composed of the partner Antongiulio Scialpi with the associate Nicola Nocerino, by the partner Jay Sadanandan, with the associates Ben Wright, James Fawcett, Alexander Law, Tian Sun, and by the partners Jocelyn Seitzman and Roberto Luis Reyes Gaskin for the profiles related to the financing of the operation. The tax profiles were followed in Italy by the Facchini Rossi Michelutti Tax Law Firm, with Luca Rossi (Partner), Marina Ampolilla, Armando Tardini and Giancarlo Lapecorella and by a Latham team made up of associates Blanca Vazquez de Castro and Edward Moberly.

The international law firm Gianni & Origoni assisted Apax France with a team led by partners Gianluca Ghersini and Gabriele Ramponi, assisted by senior associate In Young Shin and associate Edoardo Marseglia.

For the sellers, the tax profiles of the transaction were handled by BonelliErede, with partner Riccardo Ubaldini, senior counsel Michele Dimonte and associate Paolo Ronca.

The Elvinger Hoss Prussen team, led by partner Katia Panichi (Picture) and composed of senior associate Fiorenza Cingolani and associates Pauline Bruguière and Constance Chuillet advised on the corporate, M&A and financing Luxembourg law aspects of the transaction.  

Involved fees earner: Emilio De Giorgi – Allen & Overy; Chiara De Luca – Allen & Overy; Paolo Nastasi – Allen & Overy; Enrico Roveda – Allen & Overy; Giovanna Sottoriva – Allen & Overy; Lodovico Bianchi Di Giulio – Bianchi Di Giulio Lodovico ; Pauline Bruguière – Elvinger Hoss Prussen; Constance Chuillet – Elvinger Hoss Prussen; Fiorenza Cingolani – Elvinger Hoss Prussen; Katia Panichi – Elvinger Hoss Prussen; Massimiliano Altomare – Facchini Rossi Michelutti; Marina Ampolilla – Facchini Rossi Michelutti; Andrea Basi – Facchini Rossi Michelutti; Giancarlo Lapecorella – Facchini Rossi Michelutti; Luca Rossi – Facchini Rossi Michelutti; Armando Tardini – Facchini Rossi Michelutti; Alessia Vignudelli – Facchini Rossi Michelutti; Gianluca Ghersini – Gianni & Origoni; Bruno Edoardo Marseglia – Gianni & Origoni; Gabriele Ramponi – Gianni & Origoni; In Young Shin – Gianni & Origoni; Riccardo Coghe – Latham & Watkins; Antonio Coletti – Latham & Watkins; Federica Di Terlizzi – Latham & Watkins; James Fawcett – Latham & Watkins; Giuseppe Fichera – Latham & Watkins; Virginia List – Latham & Watkins; Marco Martino – Latham & Watkins; Cesare Milani – Latham & Watkins; Edward Moberly – Latham & Watkins; Nicola Nocerino – Latham & Watkins; Roberto Luis Reyes Gaskin – Latham & Watkins; Jay Sadanandan – Latham & Watkins; Giovanni Sandicchi – Latham & Watkins; Antongiulio Scialpi – Latham & Watkins; Jocelyn Seitzman – Latham & Watkins; Blanca Vazquez de Castro – Latham & Watkins; Ben Wright – Latham & Watkins; Gianluigi Baroni – PwC Tax & Legal; Alvise Becker – PwC Tax & Legal; Paolo Bersani – PwC Tax & Legal; Gianluca Borraccia – PwC Tax & Legal; Alessandro Campione – PwC Tax & Legal; Chiara De Santis – PwC Tax & Legal; Alessandro di Stefano – PwC Tax & Legal; Giorgio Gorla – PwC Tax & Legal; Massimiliano Mazzoni – PwC Tax & Legal; Daniela Mentesana – PwC Tax & Legal; Emanuela Pettenò – PwC Tax & Legal; Giuseppe Rana – PwC Tax & Legal; Giovanni Stefanin – PwC Tax & Legal; Francesco Tieri – PwC Tax & Legal;

Law Firms: Allen & Overy; Bianchi Di Giulio Lodovico ; Elvinger Hoss Prussen; Facchini Rossi Michelutti; Gianni & Origoni; Latham & Watkins; PwC Tax & Legal;

Clients: Apax Partners; BIP – Business Integration Partners; Carlo Capè; CVC Capital Partners; Fabio Troiani; Nino Lo Bianco;

Giulia Di Palma

Author: Giulia Di Palma