CooperCompanies’ Acquisition of Cook Medical’s Reproductive Health Business

Latham & Watkins represented CooperCompanies in the transaction.

CooperCompanies has announced it has signed a binding letter of intent to acquire Cook Medical’s Reproductive Health business, a manufacturer of minimally invasive medical devices focused on the fertility, obstetrics, and gynecology markets. Cooper will pay approximately US$875 million comprised of US$675 million at closing and US$200 million paid in four US$50 million annual installments.

Since 1963, Cook Medical has been inventing, manufacturing, and delivering a unique portfolio of medical devices to healthcare systems around the world.

Headquartered in San Ramon, CA, CooperCompanies is a global medical device company publicly traded on the NYSE (NYSE:COO). Cooper operates through two business units, CooperVision and CooperSurgical. 

Latham & Watkins represented CooperCompanies in the transaction with a corporate deal team led by Bay Area partners Tad Freese (Picture) and Mark Bekheit, with Bay Area associates Brad Alvarez, Sally Wong, and Langston Tolbert. Advice was also provided on benefits and compensation matters by Bay Area partner James Metz, with Washington, D.C. associate Ashlie Lawton; on data and technology transactions by Bay Area partner Anthony Klein, with Bay Area associate Fiona Gillan; on healthcare and life sciences related matters by Bay Area partner Jekkie Kim, with Bay Area associate Billy Wu; on tax matters by Bay Area partner Grace Lee, with Bay Area associate Derek Gumm; on data privacy matters by Bay Area counsel Heather Deixler, with Los Angeles associate Heather Lui and London associate Mihail Krepchev; on healthcare regulatory matters by Bay Area counsel Betty Pang, with Los Angeles associate Leia Gu; on FDA regulatory matters by Washington, D.C. partner Elizabeth Richards, with Washington, D.C. associates Nathan Beaton and Daniel Machado; on European regulatory matters by Paris/Brussels partner Eveline Van Keymeulen, with London associate Ranulf Barman; on export control matters by Washington, D.C. partner Erin Brown Jones, with Washington, D.C. associate Erin Eckles; on antitrust matters by Washington, D.C. partners Mandy Reeves and Ian Conner and Brussels partner Hector Armengod and Washington, D.C. counsel Peter Todaro, with Bay Area associate Silvia Segade Sanz and Brussels associates Anthemis Economou and Stergos Chatzidiakos; on labor matters by Chicago partner Nineveh Alkhas, Munich partner Tobias Leder and Paris partner Matthias Rubner, with Chicago associate Laura Waller and Paris associates Celia Gallo and Leo Theillac; and on other litigation-related matters by Washington, D.C. counsel Andrew Galdes, with Washington, D.C. associate Asia Cadet.

Involved fees earner: Nineveh Alkhas – Latham & Watkins; Bradley Alvarez – Latham & Watkins; Héctor Armengod – Latham & Watkins; Ranulf Barman – Latham & Watkins; Nathan Beaton – Latham & Watkins; Mark Bekheit – Latham & Watkins; Erin Brown Jones – Latham & Watkins; Asia Cadet – Latham & Watkins; Stergos Chatzidiakos – Latham & Watkins; Ian Conner – Latham & Watkins; Heather Deixler – Latham & Watkins; Erin Eckles – Latham & Watkins; Anthemis Economou – Latham & Watkins; Tad Freese – Latham & Watkins; Andrew Galdes – Latham & Watkins; Celia Gallo – Latham & Watkins; Fiona Gillan – Latham & Watkins; Leia Gu – Latham & Watkins; Derek Gumm – Latham & Watkins; Jekkie Kim – Latham & Watkins; Anthony Klein – Latham & Watkins; Mihail Krepchev – Latham & Watkins; Ashlie Lawton – Latham & Watkins; Tobias Leder – Latham & Watkins; Grace Lee – Latham & Watkins; Heather Lui – Latham & Watkins; Daniel Machado – Latham & Watkins; James Metz – Latham & Watkins; Betty Pang – Latham & Watkins; Amanda Reeves – Latham & Watkins; Elizabeth Richards – Latham & Watkins; Matthias Rubner – Latham & Watkins; Silvia Segade Sanz – Latham & Watkins; Léo Theillac – Latham & Watkins; Peter Todaro – Latham & Watkins; Langston Tolbert – Latham & Watkins; Eveline Van Keymeulen – Latham & Watkins; Laura Waller – Latham & Watkins; Sally Wong – Latham & Watkins; Xiaohan Wu – Latham & Watkins;

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