Cars24’s $450 Million Series F Funding Round

Khaitan & Co advised Softbank on the deal.

Softbank executed a Series F Investment in Global Car Group Pte. Ltd., the holding company of the ‘Cars24’ group. 

CARS24 is an ecommerce platform for pre owned autos (cars and bikes). 

The Khaitan and Co. team consisted of Partner Bharat Anand (Picture), Nidhi Killawala (Partner), Siddharth Marwah (Principal Associate), Vishal Achanta (Senior Associate), as well as Sagardeep Rathi (Partner), Pranjal Prateek (Partner), Alisha Mehra (Associate) and Armaan Gupta (Associate)

Involved fees earner: Vishal Achanta – Khaitan & Co.; Bharat Anand – Khaitan & Co.; Armaan Gupta – Khaitan & Co.; Nidhi Killawala – Khaitan & Co.; Siddharth Marwah – Khaitan & Co.; Alisha Mehra – Khaitan & Co.; Pranjal Prateek – Khaitan & Co.; Sagardeep Rathi – Khaitan & Co.;

Law Firms: Khaitan & Co.;

Clients: Softbank Corp.;