Aurelius And VAG’s €65 Million Global Group Financing

Noerr advised Aurelius and VAG on the deal.

Aurelius Alpha Invest GmbH and VAG Holding GmbH announced their global group financing, which was provided by a banking syndicate.

The VAG Group supplies valves and solutions for the water and wastewater industries and water control applications worldwide. VAG’s valves are installed in reservoirs, dams, waterworks, drinking water networks, wastewater and other systems. Its shareholder is the Aurelius Group, which took over the VAG Group from the US-based Rexnord Corporation in 2018. Aurelius was advised by Noerr and a team led by Christian Pleister during the acquisition of the VAG Group.

The three syndicate banks LBBW, OLB and RBI will be providing Aurelius with credit facilities worth a total of €65,000,000 that can be used for general business purposes and strategic acquisitions, etc.

The Noerr team included Andreas Naujoks, Dorian Legel (all lead), Martina Buller, Hannes Butz,
Ludek Chvosta, Filip Murár, Barbora Šafaríková, Johannes Allmendinger, Frederike Heitmann, Uwe Brendler, Manuel Lomb, Hans Kenschke, Isabell Wunder, Elisabeth Dworschak, Kathrin Nordmeier, Evelyn Schulz, Jan Dinter.

Involved fees earner: Johannes Allmendinger – Noerr; Uwe Brendler – Noerr; Martina Buller – Noerr; Hannes Butz – Noerr; Lud?k Chvosta – Noerr; Jan Dinter – Noerr; Elisabeth Dworschak – Noerr; Hans Kenschke – Noerr; Dorian Legel – Noerr; Manuel Lomb – Noerr; Filip Murar – Noerr; Andreas Naujoks – Noerr; Kathrin Nordmeier – Noerr; Barbora Safarikova – Noerr; Evelyn Schulz – Noerr; Isabell Wunder – Noerr;

Law Firms: Noerr;

Clients: AURELIUS Equity Opportunities; VAG GmbH;

Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler