AOK Plus’ Development of Digital Health Platform

SKW Schwarz has advised AOK Plus on the deal.

AOK Plus announced the development of a digital health platform.

A key element is the app “AOK NAVIDA – Deine persönliche Gesundheitsassistentin” (AOK NAVIDA – Your Personal Health Assistant), which allows users to arrange a video consultation with a doctor or book courses on the subject of health, for example. A symptom check and a doctor search are also integrated.

The AOK is one of the oldest public health insurers in Germany and serves more than 27 million members. AOK Plus was created in 2008 through the merger of the health insurance funds in Saxony and Thuringia and supports more than 3.4 million members.

The SKW Schwarz team included Marion Anzinger (Picture – lead), Nikolai Schmidt (IT & Digital Business), Dr. Klaus Jankowski (Berlin; public commercial law), Dr. Stefan Peintinger, Dr. Christoph Krück (both IT & Digital Business), René Kieselmann, Dr. Mathias Pajunk (both Berlin, both public procurement law), Markus v. Fuchs, LL.M. (Berlin, intellectual property law), Martin Himme LL.M. (Berlin, insurance law).

Involved fees earner: Marion Anzinger – SKW Schwarz; Martin Himme – SKW Schwarz; Klaus Jankowski – SKW Schwarz; René Kieselmann – SKW Schwarz; Christoph Krück – SKW Schwarz; Mathias Pajunk – SKW Schwarz; Stefan Peintinger – SKW Schwarz; Nikolai Schmidt – SKW Schwarz; Markus von Fuchs – SKW Schwarz;

Law Firms: SKW Schwarz;

Clients: AOK-Bundesverband GbR;

Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler